Celebrities Now With Themselves Then

Fulaleo Creates Remarkable Artwork

In each painting there is something that reminds us
It's a cool idea for art. Who wouldn't want to be painted in the same painting with our younger selves? The person we were when we was a kid versus the person we are now.

Those changes can be seen easier and hopefully they aren't that bad. Of course, you can expect a few wrinkles. Maybe some gray hair. It depends on how old you are now and how young you were in the old picture.

Colombian artist Fulvio Obregon, AKA Fulaleo is among the very creative painters in the world. He knows how to use the color spectrum like a boss. His eye drawing is one of the most remarkable anywhere.

It's phenomenal what he has done with these celebrities. We get to see each one of them standing beside a version of their younger selves. When you go through them, you might notice that in each painting, there is something that reminds us of the work they've done.

The Infamous Robert De Niro

Starring in over 90 films, he has provided us with some of the greatest entertainment. From Taxi Driver to Grudge Match, he's provided us with movies in a career spanning over 50 years.

Microsoft Guru Bill Gates

A student of Harvard College, Gates never graduated. He would go on to hand everyone the greatest technology in the world.

Pop Star Michael Jackson

From the time he was five years old, he was rocking the stages. There was a cartoon of him and his brothers when kids his age were only watching.

The Legend Mick Jagger

From England, Sir Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger was knighted by the queen for his life in music.

Co-Founder Steve Jobs

Little known fact, in addition to Apple, Steve Jobs was also known for being the largest shareholder of Pixar.

The Beatles Paul McCartney

Also dubbed Sir James Paul McCartney, he makes the second knight in this list.

The Real Deal Al Pacino

From The Godfather to Danny Collins just released this year, Al has brought us the best movies since 1968.


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