Eternal Youth: 7 Hollywood Stars Who Never Aged

Better than they looked when they were younger

Born to live forever
There are some actors on this planet that just seem to have never aged. Some that look even better than they did when they were younger!

Maybe they're just born to live forever I guess. Here's the 10 that defy the rules of aging!

1) Keanu Reeves

This dude is the prime example of aging well. He just never seemed to change! Maybe it's due to the fact that he doesn't stretch much facial muscle when he's acting.. I did love him in John Wick recently which is the ideal hit-man movie the world needs. Bring on the sequel!

2) Jim Parsons

You all know Jim Parsons as the hyper-intelligent, quick-talking scientist from The Big Bang Theory, but did you know that this dude is 42!! It has to be lies cause this guy looks like he could be half his age!

3) Emily Kinney

You all know Emily Kinney as Beth from The Walking Dead - the cute little teen from the zombie TV show.. But did you know that this young-faced chic is actually 30! I couldn't believe it when I found out either..

4) Will Smith

Will Smith is one of Hollywood's greatest actors, but have you ever noticed how the dude looks the same in Independence Day and After Earth even with an 18-year difference! Long live Will Smith who turns 47 this month.

5) Andrew Garfield

You guys all know former web-slinger Andrew Garfield who played the young Peter Parker in The Amazing Spiderman franchise. The dude's 32. Thirty two! That is way too old for Peter Parker who is supposed to be around 18 years old. Lucky for him he looks that age, he's covered in that sense. Pity we won't see him don the costume again.

6) Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is the legend that the world loves. He's so strong that he doesn't do push ups, he pushes the world down. Mr. Norris is 75 years young. He is a living legend and kudos to him, because he looks a lot younger.

7) Jared Leto

Zac Efron's long lost twin Jared Leto is 43 years old. The dude looks about 20. He's playing the Joker in Suicide Squad next year and I don't want fans to think he came out of nowhere. Don't forget he was in Fight Club all those years ago.


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