Watch World Class Gymnast Show Off Expert Moves!

Developing rundown of astounding accomplishments

Simone Biles On ‘Ellen’
A year ago, Simone Biles turned into the female athlete with the most gold decorations ever. Presently, she is made a beeline for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The 18-year-old tumbler showed up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss her developing rundown of astounding accomplishments and to treat the gathering of people to her stellar aptitudes with an execution on a parity pillar.

Amid her meeting with Ellen, Simone gave us a look into her extreme preparing plan (32 hours a week, six days a week, with just Sundays off
to stay fit as a fiddle sound great, anybody?). Furthermore, she cleared out the group of onlookers and in complete amazement with a clasp of her pulling herself up a rope utilizing just her arms, making us considerably more eager to see the youthful competitor rule the Olympics. In the event that she isn’t as of now sitting on your wellness objectives list, then watch along to see why she’ll turn into your new most loved commonly recognized name.


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