24 hot cars from the Frankfurt Motor Show

The 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show runs from September 15 to 27

Latest and greatest
The 2015 car show season is kicking off in style with the Frankfurt Motor Show. Automakers from around the world have gathered in Germany to show off their latest and greatest. Some of the cars presented to the public provide a glimpse into the companies' upcoming product offers, while others are simply flights of fancy.

This year's show offers a wide range of vehicles that range from production-ready sedans and supercars to electric cars and video-game icons.

Thus far, the biggest star of the show is Porsche's high-tech Mission E electric concept car.

The four-door, four-seat electric sports car concept is Porsche's answer to Tesla's groundbreaking Model S sedan.

Audi also unveiled its Tesla rival: the E-Tron Quattro electric SUV concept.

Volkswagen introduced an SUV of its own: the new Tiguan GTE.

The "People's Car" company also showed of its Golf GTE sports concept.

Volkswagen's other brands were busy as well. Bentley introduced its first SUV, the Bentayga.

VW's Lamborghini supercar brand is here as well. The Aventador Superveloce made an appearance ...

... while the Huracan Spyder made its world debut.

Not to be outdone by its corporate siblings, Bugatti unleashed the Vision Gran Turismo concept car. The concept — designed for the "Gran Turismo" video-game franchise — gives the audience a hint of how future Bugattis may look.

The South Koreans also showed up at the show with a Grand Turismo concept: the futuristic N2025.

Mercedes got a fair share of attention with this futuristic concept called the Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile, or IAA.

At the press of a button or automatically at high speed, the car will alter its shape to offer optimal aerodynamics.

Other car makers also showed off some "out there" concept cars. Citroën introduced the Cactus M concept, which looks like an open-top beach buggy.

It also comes with a tent!!

Nissan unveiled its Gripz concept. Many industry observers believes this striking design will become Nissan's next Z sports car.

Although the Peugeot Quartz concept has been around for a year, it still looks as crazy as ever.

The Toyota C-HR concept could spawn into the brand's next crossover SUV.

Taiwanese electric car startup Thunder Power unveiled its EV sedan to the public here.

Honda rolled out its Project 2&4 roadster concept. It's Honda's minimalist take on a sporty roadster. The design is reminiscent of Honda's 1960s era Formula One racers. Under the hood, you'll find a 212 horsepower motorcycle engine developed for MotoGP racing.

Other companies brought more production-ready cars. The Mazda Koeru is technically a concept, but many industry observers believe it's essentially the company's next generation CX-9 SUV.

Ferrari lifted the roof off its new 488 GTB to create the 488 Spider.

BMW trotted out its new flagship 7 Series sedan.

BMW Group's Rolls-Royce presented its new Dawn convertible to the Frankfurt crowd.

Jaguar introduced its first SUV: the stylish but oddly named F-Pace.

Infiniti unveiled its new compact crossover: the Q30.

Audi showed off its A3 e-tron hybrid.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' Alfa Romeo showed off its new Giulia sedan, complete with a Ferrari-inspired 510-horsepower turbocharged V6 engine.


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