This Foundation In Mexico Created An Amazing Sanctuary For Rescued Big Cats

The team has rescued over 30 tigers

Rescue abused animals
Animals rights activists have stood by their cause for decades, but some of them have gone a step further and chosen to physically rescue abused animals.

Forming a new, safe life for wild animals is no easy task. Yet, teams and organizations all over the world have set out on rescue missions, like when the Humane Society trekked to rural Arizona to rescue over 200 hoarded animals.

The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in Mexico has gone to great lengths to save big cats. Most of these animals came from neglected environments, and were kept in run-down zoos, circuses, and abused by illegal breeders.

So far, the team has rescued over 30 tigers, lions, and jaguars across the country, and hopes to expand the facility’s grounds to include even more animals in the future.

We think this rescue organization is doing an incredibly noble deed, and wish its team the best of luck.

The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation was started by cousins Eduardo and Miguel in Mexico just two years ago.

Some years ago, Eduardo went on a business trip, and wanted to see this black jaguar cub that he'd been hearing about. He found that the cub had been sold to a buyer, and was drugged and taken around for people to take pictures with. He decided to rescue the cub, and bring him to a safe environment.

Today, the founders and their team at the foundation work hard to rescue big cats from all over the country. These jaguars, tigers, lions, and cougars all once lived behind bars, in run-down zoos and with illegal breeders across Mexico.

Many of them were also born in circuses, and have been found in mistreated and malnourished states.

The precise location of the foundation's grounds was not posted on their website or social accounts, for fear of threats and other dangers.

But the rescued animals have thrived at the facilities over the past years.

There is a nursery for the youngest rescues, where the cubs are monitored closely and fed every four hours.

Then, there is an eight-acre plot of land that was designed as an activity space. The facility plans to add thousands of acres for the animals to roam safely.

The majority of these beautiful creatures have recovered fully, and have had success being rehabilitated. Most initially arrived in terrible physical condition, suffering from skin problems, arthritis, and injured ligaments and bones. Many of them were left weak by their poor diets.

Because most of these animals have spent their entire lives in captivity, it isn't safe for them to be returned back to the wild. They will, however, receive the utmost care and human attention at the facility, which has undoubtedly given them a new chance at survival.

We salute hard work and compassion of the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, and will keep these big cats in our prayers! With their supporters’ help and care, these majestic big cats will all be rescued from their former lives of neglect and abuse.


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