17 Things Men Who Don't Want a Relationship Need to Understand

Everyone's absolutely entitled to their own opinion

Perspectives that are worth considering
Some people don't like being in relationships.

It happens to men, happens to women, happens to anybody.

Maybe you're into someone who is not into relationships or maybe you feel that way yourself.

Everyone's absolutely entitled to their own opinion, but the issue has a few different perspectives that are worth considering.

There are things women and men who don't want a relationship need to understand, even if they don't ultimately change their minds.

1. You Aren't Going to Be Controlled if You Commit

Commitment doesn't equal control – at least it shouldn't, not in a healthy relationship. You're still a person, you still have autonomy, you're just including someone else in your life.

2. Girls Are Typically More Mature and Want a Relationship

Girls do mature faster than guys, you know. As for wanting a relationship, many but not all women do seem to crave monogamy more, but there are men who want relationships, too.

3. Know the Person Whom You Call Your Girlfriend

You need to know the person you want to be in a relationship with – especially if you don't really want a relationship but do really care about your partner. Know them through and through. There has to be a level of trust if you're going to ever even consider this.

4. Commitment Isn't Going to Change Anything with the Right Girl

Seriously, it won't turn her into a clingy, possessive person or something. But that's why you need to know someone very well before you commit – no surprises.

5. If It Doesn't Work out, It's Okay

You don't have to commit for life. A relationship isn't automatically a marriage. Sometimes things don't work out.

6. You Might Have Baggage …

After all, why are you so against relationships?

7. … She Does Too

The key is finding someone who can deal with your baggage, whose baggage you can deal with, and – ideally – someone whose baggage matches your baggage.

8. Relationships Can Be Scary …

Of course, they can! Having someone in your life like that is some next level stuff.

9. … but with the Right Person, They Can Be Incredible

That's the thing, though. With the right person, the fears don't matter as much.

10. Sex is One Thing

And it's a big thing, especially if you're at all worried about having sex with just one person for the length of your relationship. You want it to be good, is the thing, so it's definitely a factor.

11. Commitment is Another Thing

Commitment is deep. It doesn't have to last forever but it requires trust and honesty. You need to be so open with your partner that if you decide it's not working out, you can say so.

12. A Girl Shouldn't Pressure a Guy to Commit

If someone's pressuring you, neither of you are ready. Just remember, talking about commitment is not the same as pressuring. If a girl wants to have a discussion about where you're going or what you are, that doesn't mean she's pressuring you. She's TALKING to you.

13. … However, She Also Shouldn't Waste Her Time

Exactly. If you want different things, she needs to know.

14. The Girl You Are Seeing Should Know Where Your Head is at

And you should know the other person's expectations and needs, as well. Hence the talking thing.

15. Relationships Are Complicated

I know. Understatement of the year.

16. They Can Hurt Us

Opening yourself up to the possibility of emotional pain can easily stop you in your tracks. Remember, though, it's just a possibility. If you trust the person you're with, you don't need to fear this as much.

17. Just Take the Dive Once You Find Someone Worth It

You'll know when you find it.


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