What does your favourite wine say about you?

Choice of tipple proves very interesting

What you are like as a person
Did you know your choice of tipple proves very interesting when it comes to what you are like as a person!

Apparently what you drink can tell all sorts about your personality! Do you love a glass of red? Or are you more of a rose type of person? Either way your choice of tipple proves very interesting when it comes to what you are like as a person! Read on to discover what your favourite wine says about you…

The Champagne drinker
Champagne drinkers like to party! They are often kind and generous (maybe because they can afford champers?!) and a whole load of fun! Everyone wants you on a night out or in…

The Chardonnay drinker
Chardonnay lovers are usually hard workers and because Chardonnay is found pretty much everywhere these drinkers are often great socialisers (and talkers!) too. Chardonnay people tend to have big, brassy personalities!

The Pinot Noir drinker
Not a wine to be ordered lightly, those who love Pinot Noir are said to be confident individuals who are intelligent and know their stuff!

The Sauvignon Blanc drinker
These drinkers work…a lot, and are often focused and fussy! Sauvignon Blanc is the treat that’s there at the end of a long day! These people are serious but also love letting their hair down with the right people at the right time.

The Melbec drinker
Smart and ambitious! You know a good wine when you taste it and you probably like books, art and music too! If you love Melbec you are said to be creative and a great listener!

The Pinot Grigio drinker
Pinot Grigio drinkers know what they like and have a quiet confidence (don’t mess with those that drink Pinot!) – apparently you are witty too!

The Cabernet Sauvignon drinker
Cabernet Sauvignon drinkers are said to be down to earth, genuine and intelligent! Apparently you are great in relationships because you’re extremely loyal.

The Prosecco drinker
Prosecco lovers are social butterflies and enjoy dinner parties and days out. You are bubbly, sociable and everyones friend. The life and soul of a good social gathering!

The Rosé drinker
The rose drinker likes to be different and doesn’t like following the crowd! They don’t live in a red or white world – they live in a pink place that not everyone dares to go to!


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