Kids Reveal What They Really Think Of Mom In Heartwarming Video

Does my kid even like me?

If they would replace mom
Ask any young kid what they think of mom and you’re probably going to get a really long answer. Mom doesn’t let me have dessert; mom doesn’t let me stay up late; mom doesn’t let me do this or that.

Ah, mom is often the bearer of bad news — that’s parenting for you. Motherhood can seem like an endless lecture about what is appropriate, a boundless conversation on why you shouldn’t be mean to other kids, and constant bartering about vegetable consumption.

I know so many moms who often wonder: Does my kid even like me? To this I would pose a far more important question: does your kid love you? The answer is always a resounding, joyful, unadulterated “Yes!”

When kids were asked what they really think of their moms, like Max was in another video, they had no idea that she was watching the whole time. Things started off well, a little childish.

“We normally get yelled at quite a bit,” one kid said. “All we hear is the hairdryer going…and she takes forever and then she blames it on us for being late,” another added.

But when asked if they would replace mom, when asked if there was any other mom in the world that would be better than their mom, watch what they say…


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