Check out these hypnotizing kinetic wooden sculptures

The movement is generated from springs

More than 130 kinetic sculptures
After getting his degree in physics in 1974, David C. Roy allied his fascination with mechanics and movement with the artistic influences of his wife and since then has created more than 130 kinetic sculptures.

The artist’s website is extremely informative – in addition to photos, we can see videos, documents with assembly instructions, the process of creation, information about preserving the parts and so on.

The parts are made of wood and the movement is generated from springs. Has anyone here ever wound up clock? Younger ones might not remember, but our clocks didn’t use any batteries back in the day and had to be wound up every day.

Same as those clocks, Roy’s sculptures stop moving after a certain time and you need to wind them again. However, Roy has perfected them so much that they can run from five to 40 hours on a single wind.


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