This is How to Keep Your Eyeliner from Running ...

Ways you can keep eyeliner from running

Eyeliner can be a bit of a mare
My eyes are quite sensitive – even the wind can cause tears. This means eyeliner can be a bit of a mare. That is until I learned there are ways I can keep it from running. Want to know some of my tricks?

1. Use a Good Brand
First and foremost, the best way to stop your eyeliner running is to make sure that you invest in a good brand with a widely received positive reputation. In most cases, the eyeliner that costs a few dollars extra is going to be the one that gives you a more effective and longer lasting look throughout the day. This doesn’t mean that you have to splurge on some really high-end stuff, but just consider raising your price range to the next tier and you will be pleasantly surprised by the difference in quality.

2. Apply Some Concealer under Your Eye
To avoid your eyeliner running and making it look like you have a black eye, a great tip is to apply a little bit of concealer on your eyelids before you begin putting on the liner. The concealer does two jobs: the first being to ‘fill in’ some of the empty micro lines in your skin; and the second being that it creates a barrier that helps the eyeliner to stay where it should be.

3. Experiment with the Type
Every woman’s skin is different, so it may not work if you should buy the same eyeliner that your friend has been using for years. Find which one works best for you by testing out all of the different types that are available on the market. There is liquid form, crayon form, gel form, soft kohl, pencil, and more! Some work better on oily skin, some work better on dryer skin; it’s a case of experimentation.

4. Petroleum Jelly
This one sounds a little out there, but an article on the Huffington Post recently detailed a tip that involved taking a Q-tip and very carefully rubbing some petroleum jelly along the waterlines and tear ducts of your eyes. Supposedly this helps to keep your eyeliner in place, so give it a shot but remember to be very careful!
5. Face Powder
Another tip that you might not have thought about is to, once you have applied you eyeliner, take a fluffy brush, dip it in loose face powder and give the area are good but light application. Blend it in as best as you can and the powder will help to keep the liner in place by giving it something to stick to rather than running.

6. The Layer Technique
We all know about the layer technique when it comes to applying lipstick, so why not use the same technique for achieving great eyeliner results? Apply your liner, then smudge it out, then do the same thing a couple times more. By doing this, you will hopefully have created a longer lasting look that won’t slip and slide!

7. Oil Control Sheets
If you suffer from oily skin and think that it might be the reason for your running eyeliner, then half way through your day, grab an oil-blotting sheet and get rid of any unwanted shine that is present. The less oil there is in that area, the more likely your eyeliner will be to last the entire day.


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