Dad’s Touching Act Of Kindness For Outcast Daughter Goes Viral

Something to show daughter that he loves her for who she is

Powerful and universal
It can be hard enough to accept ourselves for who we are, let alone have others accept us and all of our differences and quirks. In the touching video below, a teenage girl is starting high school in a brand new city, and she’s about to learn this fact firsthand.

Because of the way she looks and how she dresses, the new girl in town is finding it impossible to make friends and find acceptance in her neighborhood. She’s the outcast, and everyone around her is judging her by her long black hair and dark clothing.

One day, she returns home from another disheartening day at school, when she comes to a sudden stop in front of our house. There’s her dad, who has decided to do something to show his daughter that he loves her for who she is, and he’s not afraid to show the world. His act of kindness left me speechless.

Although the video is an ad for a German company called Hornbach, its message is powerful and universal — especially in today’s world where bullying has become a widespread epidemic.


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