Patrick Jane The Cockatiel Knows Every Beat In His Favorite R&B Song!

The bird's favorite song is Nelly’s “Dilemma”

Superior lip-syncing skills
When I think of cute and cuddly pets, I tend to think of dogs, cats, and maybe small ‘n furry creatures like guinea pigs and rabbits.

After all, when you see a tiny critter as sweet as this adorable golden retriever puppy, you tend to stop looking for something to top it! That, my friends, was a big mistake, because I have recently learned that there are whole universes of cute just waiting to be explored.

For example, I never bothered with bird videos that I saw on YouTube because I’ve never though of them as being particularly snuggly creatures. Then I saw this sweet hen hugging her favorite tiny human, and I started to look at bird in a whole new light!

While chickens may not have a reputation for intelligence, lots of birds are extremely smart, and many are also affectionate! Parrots and smaller members of the parrot family can live for up to thirty years and often develop close bonds with their humans. They’re complex animals, and have been known to identify words, solve puzzles, and even participate in human culture. But, smart as these creatures are, their tastes don’t always run to the highbrow…

World, meet Patrick Jane. Named for the actor on television’s The Mentalist, Patrick Jane is a Pied cockatiel, and his favorite song is Nelly’s “Dilemma.” In fact, Patrick Jane loves the song so much that he’s learned how to sing along… Check out his superior lip-syncing skills in the video below!


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