How To Be Beautiful

Few things that would fluctuate your beauty

Accept who you are and be confident
Beauty all has to do with confidence and how you see yourself. For you to be beautiful, you have to accept who you are and be confident with yourself. But there are also a few things that would fluctuate your beauty, such as follows.

1. Excersize

In order to enhance your physical beauty, you need to be in good shape. Exercising in some sort of way will really help with your outward beauty. Aim for working out thirty minutes three times a week.

2. Eat healthy

The food choices you make play a large role in your outward appearance. Eating healthier foods, such as fruits and proteins, and drinking plenty of water will make your skin have a natural, beautiful glow. Unhealthy foods will make you gain unwanted weight, make you feel tired, and hurt your digestive system.

3. Protect your skin

Your skin is a very precious thing. Protect it from too much exposure to the sun, moisturize and eat healthy foods and drink a lot of water. Moisturize your lips and always make sure they're plump and kissable. Try not to wear too much make up. Natural looks are always the best way to go and is less harmful for your skin.

4. Hygiene

Make sure to keep up your personal hygiene by brushing your teeth, washing your hair, taking showers. A girl with a smelly hygiene is no where near attractive.

5. Fashion

What you wear also can play in your outward beauty. Of course everyone has their own style but you don't want to go out in public looking like a bum. Everyone will assume that you don't care for your looks. There are very casual and laid back styles, but don't look like you just came out of a garbage can. Put some effort into what you wear ladies.

6. Be you

There is nothing more important than this. A beautiful woman is a woman who is not afraid to be herself. One that is confident in herself and in what she does is already beautiful in herself. Don't afraid to be yourself and don't try to be someone you're not. Remember, it's not good to be too cocky and arrogant. The right amount of confidence is best.


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