Accessories For People Who Love Sleep More Than Life Itself

Would you like to get at least one of them?

I’d much rather be sleeping right now
1. When your pillow understands you better than most people.

2. When you only deal in cushions and blankets.

3. When you’re the baddest beast in the bed.

4. When you’re looking for the perfect romantic gesture.

5. When you need your phone to tell people exactly how you feel.

6. And if not your phone, then maybe your laptop.

7. When no amount of coffee can fill the space where sleep should be.

8. When you have to spell it out to people who just don’t get it.

9. When your love of jewellery and sleep join in sweet harmony.

10. When it’s finally time to declare your love for “the one”.

11. When you need your wall to mimic your favourite action.

12. When staying in bed is the only thing that matters.

13. When even your pencils feel your pain.

14. When you want to wear your title with pride.

15. When there’s much better things you could be doing with your time than partying.

16. When you only want true chemistry nerds to understand how much you truly appreciate a good sleep.

17. When dreaming is your favourite activity.

18. When you want to show off how hardcore you really are.

19. And when you’ve finally found the perfect relationship.


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