20 Wedding Ideas That Let You Geek Out On Your Big Day

Wedding ideas into your nuptial celebrations

Don't be afraid to let your nerd flag fly
On most days, you aren’t afraid to let your nerd flag fly, so why should your wedding day be any different?

Pink roses and frilly lace aren’t for everyone. If you want your wedding to show just how geeky you two are, you should consider integrating any (or all!) of the following 20 wedding ideas into your nuptial celebrations.

Geek Your Eats

Who gets excited by plain white buttercream frosting anymore? Now that we know just how outrageous and awesome baked goods can be, there is no reason to settle for a boring wedding cake.

You can glean inspiration from any of the following nerdy cakes, or you can dream up your own geeky eats.

This Star Wars cake perfectly balances the opposing desires to be classy and to be funky.

Masquerading as a typical wedding cake, this Batman-inspired cake is ready to be the dessert your wedding deserves.

We can totally imagine this Harry Potter–inspired cake at Harry and Ginny’s nuptials.

Though elves probably don’t indulge in needless indulgences, this stunning Lord of the Rings cake would be right at home in Rivendell.

It seems like you are courting disaster on par with the Red Wedding with a Game of Thrones–themed cake like this.

Cosplay All Day

There is a fine line between traditional and boring. Since this is your celebration of love, you should make it as personal as possible — which could mean dressing up like someone else. Cosplaying requires incredibly elaborate clothing, which could be perfect for your special day. The following cosplayers demonstrate possible get-ups that definitely break the same old boring mold.

Who doesn’t want to be Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon?

This Princess Zelda is ready to marry her hero Link.

It is impossible to calculate just how many marriages are the result of excellent teamwork and unexpected romance during World of Warcraft raids.

The anime, Vocaloid, is an excellent source of inspiration for fancy gowns with a geeky twist.

Everyone wants a romance like Luke and Leia from Star Wars, and for the most important day of your relationship, you can have it.

Use Science in Your Signage

Sure, you could keep your invitations, signs, and programs simple and straightforward to prevent confusion, or you could make them fun with a heaping dose of science. These wedding invitations (seating charts, etc.) use chemistry — and not the kind between the bride and groom — mathematics, and more to keep the party going in the right direction.

By wiring circuits, you can craft your own light-up invitations. You can consider it a relationship-building activity.

This seating chart draws inspiration from Mendeleev to ensure every guest is surrounded by guests with similar properties — I mean personalities.

This is an excellent opportunity to have fun with your guests by assigning them to hilarious molecules like moronic acid or traumatic acid.

Computer scientists can’t help but make functions for everything they do — including marriage.

As long as you follow the numbers of pi, you’ll end up in your future spouse’s arms.

Ring in Your Nerdy Marriage

Most couples choose to solidify their nuptials with an exchange of rings, but there isn’t much meaning in a regular diamond. Luckily, CustomMade artist Paul Bierker is in the business of designing rings to suit your particular flavor of geek.

Here are some of Paul’s most noteworthy creations.

You can pledge to be best pals for life with Adventure Time–themed rings.

This Wonder Woman ring will keep your relationship strong for life — even when your spandex wears out.

You can use the power of the Triforce to keep your love strong.

You can keep your love caught in this dazzling Pokeball ring.

You definitely don’t have to compromise on the precious gemstones to have a nerdy ring. This droid-inspired beauty has sapphires, rubies, and a brilliant diamond.


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