How to Prune Tomatoes for Earlier Harvest and Higher Yield

Large tomatoes pop out with less problems with blight

An optional technique

Do you ever prune your tomatoes before seeing this article? Pruning tomato plants for Earlier Harvest and Higher Yield is an optional technique that some gardeners use to keep plants tidy, manipulate fruit size, and even speed ripening. But you know what, we did not know this tip ever before and was so happy to see our tomato vines grow wildly in our garden, and thought we would harvest but turned out to be total failure in the end!! A couple of our friend who grow their veggies, herbs every year and harvest tomatoes already reveals us this secret trick which they have been doing for many years with GREAT success.– Try to remove suckers while they’re young and you can pinch them cleanly off.

We plant tomatoes later this year with less sunshine in our yard, so my hubby prune the “suckers” until the plants are about two to three feet tall. And It turns out we have seen large tomatoes pop out already, with less problems with blight as compared to others in the area that don’t prune.

Check out how to properly prune your tomatoes and have the biggest yield of your life this year via Bonnie Plants:
How to Prune Tomatoes for a Big Harvest


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