Oprah Winfrey Reveals The Advice That Changed Her Life

Who could make this megastar re-evaluate her life?

Powerful words
When Oprah Winfrey talks, many people listen.

The beloved mogul is a continuous source of inspiration for millions – hence why her words of wisdom were even found on Starbucks coffee sleeves. She just leaves many speechless when she speaks, like the time she taught us a powerful lesson about the ways in which we are responsible for our own life. But, have you ever wondered who has had that effect on Oprah? Who could possibly make this megastar re-evaluate her life? Well, it happened!

While she had more than 30,000 guests on her highly successful talk show over a course of 25 years, there was one man that changed her life. During an episode in 1990, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky explained his definition of forgiveness, giving Oprah the “Aha!” moment she encourages others to find.

“If we want to hold on to grievances, we will never really be happy,” Jampolsky said. “It really means letting of the past that we thought we wanted. We can’t really change that past, so it means really releasing the negative perception of it and coming back to the present.”

Oprah’s face at 1:16 says it all. And wait till you hear her interpretation of the man’s powerful words.


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