Why Big Girls Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis

Her response to the hate is pretty awesome

One Woman’s Epic Response To Haters
YouTuber LoeyLane reviews beauty products, fashion, and swimsuits. She gets a lot of attention, but not always for her subject of choice.People frequently post comments about her weight and how they feel about it. There are a number of positive responses on her channel as well as negative ones. Some people are inspired and uplifted by a woman who is so confident despite “being fat.” Others are less supportive and say that she is encouraging obesity just by being proud of who she is.Anyone can form an opinion about what looks good and what doesn’t look good to them. It takes a lot more to be able to look past your personal opinion and see the person beneath that.Outward appearance is important because the way you feel about your own body reflects how you feel inside. If you perceive your body to be weak, then there’s a part of you that feels weak inside. If you look at your body and you think “ugliness,” there’s a part within you that feels ugly. Perception is a gift. We can use it as a tool to learn more about ourselves.The fact that Loey’s video has created such a stir is surprising to me. If a woman is modelling a bikini, why is her weight relevant? Why is it important enough for people to post comments that are hurtful?
Her response to the hate is pretty awesome. Check it out, “Why Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis”:


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