Adventurers Relax in Hammocks Hanging Hundreds of Feet Above Ground

lulled to sleep at night by magical silence

Re-experience Monte Piana
Where would thrill seekers hold a meeting? The answer is simple, in hammocks hundreds of feet above the ground.. off-course…! The Highline meeting 2015 is where thrill-seekers have gravitated towards the Dolomites in Italy to hang out.

For the 2015 edition the spectacular scenery of Monte Piana (Dolomites/Italy) was chosen not only because of the stunning views but also to honor the memory of the 18.000 young soldiers who died there during te First World War.

Just a hundred years ago, winters up here were characterized by bombs, grenades, and lots of pain,” d’Emilia and Holzer explained. “Our idea was to re-experience Monte Piana in friendship and peace with each other, accompanied by kindhearted feelings during the day, and lulled to sleep at night by magical silence.”


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