10 Rules to Follow to Stop Dating Jerks

A bunch of fun girls who just end up with disastrous first dates

10 dating rules
‘How do I stop dating jerks?' is the most common water cooler conversation in our office. And the question really makes a whole lot of sense. Here we are, a bunch of fun girls who just end up with disastrous first dates or horrible relationships. Guys who seem really nice and fun are in fact perfect jerk candidates. So what can you really do? Well, for starters, you can follow these 10 dating rules to stop meeting the Mr. Wrongs.

1. Don’t date people who expect you to change

Yes we all know that compromise is the name of the game but dating men who generally wish to ‘change’ you for the ‘better’ should be number one on your ‘to avoid’ list.

2. Don’t date people that your friends hate

Not always, but most times our friends and family can be a good judge of people. They can give a more balance perspective to a relationship that we are too invested in. So if you meet a guy you love but every family and friend hates, then you need a rethink.

3. Don’t nod along to the ‘short term’ clause

Unless you particularly want a short term relationship (and it's completely fin if you do). Generally in an effort to fit in, or seem cool, you tend
to agree to things that you keep on your never-do-in-a-relationship list.

4. Don’t date him if he seems too familiar

Those vibes could actually indicate that he falls in the same category as your ex. Don’t date him. Period.

5. Don’t date a guy who needs to be fixed

He is emotionally challenged or socially awkward? Give up already,don’t try to fix him. Chances are he won’t change and you’ll end up breaking your heart.

6. Don’t date him without a background check

If he is 30 and has never had a long-term relationship it speaks volumes about his personality. Or a compulsive women charmer also spells trouble. Do your homework before you go on that first date.

7. Don’t play the dating games

Playing hard to get or giving it all up on the first date; there is no right formula. So ditch those old school rules and follow your heart instead.

8. Don’t date a man who takes up all your time

Yes its great to constantly hang out together and do couple(y) things but you need to have some me-time to make the relationship work. If you feel that it’s always about him and not you, you need to rethink that fifth date.

9. Don’t date a guy who seems too mysterious

Maybe he is playing the same rules as you are but if you meet a guy who seems reluctant to open up about any part of his life, chances are there is some trouble. Best to stay out of it.

10. Don’t date a guy who spells compromise from the word go

In a bid to have a real date – just like your friends – don’t chuck that dream man list in the bin. He needs to fit in at least 7 if not all 10 criteria before you date him.


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