5 Unexpected Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

Number of unexpected benefits that people who sleep au naturel experience

Less Is More
Sleeping in the buff offers more benefits than just saving extra cash through not buying pajamas.

There are a number of unexpected benefits that people who sleep au naturel experience- benefits the onesie lovers never get to see.

These improvements range from physical, to psychological, to sexual. Apparently, sleeping stark naked not only improves how you feel, but how you look too. Yet, only around 10% of Americans are currently reported as regularly sleeping nude.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, rev up your sex drive or just get a better night’s sleep, check out these five unexpected benefits of sleeping naked.

1. Sleeping Naked Improves Your Sleep
Sleeping naked allows your body temperature to fluctuate naturally. Your body temperature does not stay the same at all times of the day because it adjusts itself according to how much energy you need.

You wear clothes during the day to help protect yourself from the elements but wearing too many layers at night prevents your body temperature from changing on its own. This can lead to you waking up hot and sweaty before you’ve gotten enough sleep.

2. Sleeping Naked Helps You Lose Weight
If you’ve ever noticed that you wake up feeling skinny, it’s because your metabolism revs up during your eight hours of shut eye. Sleep is important for maintaining a healthy metabolism. However, sleeping naked actually helps you shred fat faster.

Because sleeping naked helps you improve your overall sleep, it also helps to improve your metabolism. There is also a link between cool nighttime temperatures and an increased metabolism. A 2014 study suggested that people who sleep in cool rooms produce double the amount of healthy fat compared to those who slept in warm temperatures.

This healthy fat helps burn calories to generate body heat. The more of this fat you have, the warmer you will stay when you sleep naked and the more fat you’ll burn to get there.

Sleeping naked may also help you get rid of belly fat. This is because growth hormones like cortisol get released during the night.

Cortisol helps you to achieve a better sleeping pattern.

Cortisol is released when you fall asleep to make up for the lower levels that you’ve had during the day. Then, more cortisol is released to make sure that you have plenty for the next morning. This gives you energy in the morning. But if you wake up tossing and turning, you will begin to produce more cortisol than you should. This can lead to a bigger appetite the next day. A bigger appetite without any output often leads to weight gain.

3. Sleeping Naked Equates To Better and More Frequent Sex
It seems only natural that spending more time naked leads to having more sex. But there are scientific reasons behind this idea.

Not only does the close skin-to-skin contact promote togetherness and intimacy, but it also release oxytocin in your brain. This hormone reduces your stress levels, which in turn makes you feel closely connected with your partner.

Less stress, a closer connection and more nakedness only ever leads to one thing: more sex.

4. Sleeping Naked Makes You More Attractive
Even though your coziest pajamas may be warm and comforting, this is actually a bad thing for your beauty regime. There is evidence that an elevated sleeping temperature stops your body from releasing anti-aging hormones the way it should.

Being too warm will slow down the release of both melatonin and growth hormone. Melatonin is necessary for a long a restful sleep as those who travel frequently will attest. But the loss of the growth hormone actually interrupts your beauty sleep. The release of the growth hormone overnight is what restores your hair and skin.

5. Sleeping Naked Promotes Reproductive Health
Both women and men can improve the health of their private parts by giving them some air.

Women can help ward off vaginal problems like yeast infections by sleeping naked. Because bacteria grow in warm, moist environments, going pants-less during your beauty sleep can help prevent huge colonies from building up. This is especially helpful for women who suffer from recurring infections.

The freedom of sleeping naked also results in keeping men’s testes at a lower temperature. Instead of wrapping them up in a few layers of cloth, sleeping naked allows a flow of cooler air downstairs. Keeping the testes in a more temperate climate during the night will not only increase fertility but improve sperm quality as well.

The benefits of great sleep are hardly disputed. When you’re well rested, you are less stressed, less likely to over eat and much more likely to be a happier person.

But it’s easy to forget just how precious sleep is for your body. If you have trouble sleeping or staying asleep, it seems that sleeping naked can not only improve your sleeping habits but help to improve the rest of your life as well.


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