27 beautiful photographs filled with love and kindness

There is so much worth living for

Retain your sense of kindness in spite of all the difficulties
Doing one good deed is something pretty much anyone can manage. It’s much more difficult to retain your sense of kindness in spite of all the difficulties which life throws your way almost every day. But the fact is that there is so much worth living for. The most important thing is to remember what it is to be human every day of your life, and be thankful for it. Appreciate what you have.

Here are a few photos which we think will help remind you what’s most important thing we all have despite all the chaos of modern life.

The passage of time

Six generations in one photograph! 111 years old; 88 years old; 70 years old; 39 years old; 16 years old; 7 weeks old.

Her favourite bird

In the trenches

Love is the strongest weapon of all

It’s just as hard for animals

20 years later

Contemplating something wonderful

Real love

A father with his daughter

In single file

Her first bouquet

Their anniversary

True love lasts a lifetime

An incorrigible romantic

Nine months

On my command…

Love for her brother

A new friend

In their den

Nothing’s better than cotton candy!

Better things are yet to come

You never forget the classics

Humanity is worth more than gold

Superheroes wash the windows of an orphanage

That stare…


It doesn’t matter whose side your on


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