This mobile private island just upped the ante on billionaire toys

Kokomo Ailand is a new model for luxury

Forget mega yachts
Yacht design has gotten pretty extravagant in recent years, but nothing compares to Kokomo Ailand.

More mobile island than yacht, Kokomo is a floating, semi-submersed vessel with a level of luxury that rivals a four-star resort. According to renderings, the "private floating habitat" features multiple decks and amenities, a sky-high penthouse suite, and a beach club.

The company behind it, Migaloo Private Submarines, hasn't received any orders yet, but it claims Kokomo can be built to specification immediately with existing technology. According to a representative, "the price depends strongly on the client's wishes."

Keep scrolling to see the renderings for this insane new billionaire toy.

Part massive yacht, part private island, Kokomo Ailand has all the trappings of a luxury resort.

The owner's penthouse sits 260 feet above sea level with two elevators, a glass-bottomed Jacuzzi, a private beach club, and ocean views.

Eight engines allow the mammoth platform to chug along at speeds up to 8 knots, or about 9 mph.

One of the most exotic features is the jungle deck.

It includes palm trees, vertical gardens, and waterfalls.

There's also a spa deck with a gym, a massage parlor, and beauty salons.

The garden deck is reserved for outdoor dining and lounging.

The real draw is the beach deck, replete with multiple pools, barbecue areas, underwater dining, a shark-feeding station, and an outdoor cinema.

Designed with infinity pools and private balconies, the VIP and guest deck is under the beach deck.

A helipad allows easy entry and exit to the island.


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