How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight ...

Losing weight is tough but rewarding

You need motivation
Standing in front of the mirror telling yourself you need to lose weight is not going to make it happen. Losing weight is tough but rewarding. And because there are no short cuts, a sustained effort is required. Wanting it isn’t enough. You need motivation, not just to get started but also to keep it going.

1. Know Why You Want to Lose Weight

You know all the reasons – to look better, to feel better, to be healthier. But which one is most important to you. You need something to hang your hat on other than generalizations. First and foremost you have to want to do it for yourself and no one else but find your key reason and understand it. If it’s look good in a bikini next summer, so be it.

2. Decide How Much You Want to Lose

Don’t be vague. “I want to lose weight” is too unspecific. You need a target and you need goals. If your targets are wishy-washy and undefined you’ll find it hard to stay motivated. If you have a target you can make a plan.

3. Make a Plan

Decide on how you are going to achieve your goal. Steady, sustained weight loss is far better for you than any crash diet. Slow and steady means you’ll still see the results but there’s a big bonus because weight lost in this way is easier to keep off. Include a start date and a potential end date.

4. Set Goals

Within your plan you need some milestones, you need a reward program, and you need measurements. Decide how many times a week you’ll go to the gym or work out. Which day of the week will you weigh yourself? Put in as many things as you need to track your progress to stay motivated but not so many you become obsessed because that way each target can become a potential for sense of failure.

5. Decide on What You Need to Help You

Even though losing weight is something you accomplish for yourself, you can still get a helping hand. There are plenty of resources. Use them! Decide what you think will work best for you. The list is extensive and includes apps to track your progress, food journals, gym membership, You Tube videos, online weight loss plans, portion control devices and on and on.

6. Give Yourself a Visual Goal

Having a visual reminder of why you’re doing this is a good way to motivate your weight loss journey. If you have a favorite item of clothing that doesn’t fit right that you want to get back into, hang it outside your wardrobe. If a beach babe body is your goal, hang up that teeny weeny bikini. Or buy yourself a gorgeous item in the size you want to achieve and hang that up. Of course, you can take a “before” selfie!

7. Think Positive

It’s easy to say think positive but it’s essential for successful weight loss. Think about what motivates you generally. Maybe it’s a morning mantra. Maybe it’s inspirational quotes stuck on your mirror. Do you need the support of you bffs or your colleagues at work? Again, make the most of resources from apps to online forums.

Now you’re motivated, you’re set to start kicking those bad habits into touch and start developing new ones that will lead to weight loss success and a happier, healthier life.


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