105-Year-Old Man Sprints His Way Into World Record

Living a healthy lifestyle and staying active really can extend your life

Ready to give it another shot
You have probably heard the expression “age is just a number” in reference to a whole lot of different things before, but the truth is, at some point we all start to feel old.

Whether we start to notice soreness and pain in areas we never had before, our mind just doesn’t seem to work as quickly as we remember it working, or things we used to do without a second thought start to become challenging and hard, age tends to take its effects on us in some shape or form.

Even with the pains, aches, and general slowing down, humans are living to be much older now then they were just a few decades ago, and Hidekichi Miyazaki is proof!

At an impressive 105-years-old, Miyazaki is a perfect example of how living a healthy lifestyle and staying active really can extend your life! Like the 95-year-old man who blew our minds with his athletic abilities, Miyazaki stays active by running, only he takes it even further by using his running to set multiple world records!

After beating his own previous record, Miyazaki told reporters he was a little disappointed that he didn’t hit the goal he had intended, but according to his doctors he is “fit as a fiddle” and ready to give it another shot!


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