Terrify Everyone This Halloween With This Wacky Third Eye Makeup

Illusions work best when they’re pared down to their most basic components

Adorable magic trick
There is nothing that I love more than a good illusion. Even when I know exactly how someone is performing a trick, the magic never disappears — I just want to see it again and again.

Of course, some illusions require a little bit more legwork than others. For example, this adorable magic trick to bring deployed parents home took just a little bit of legwork, while this clever couple needed nothing more than a pack of cards to announce their bundle of joy.

After all, simplicity is often key when you’re trying to trick someone into believing a scenario that’s simply impossible. Illusions work best when they’re pared down to their most basic components.

That’s why some of my favorite illusions are trompe-l’oeil — trick-of-the-eye — creations, using nothing but makeup and the artist’s face as a canvas! There’s something so magical about watching someone transform before your very eyes!

Granted, it can also be fairly unsettling, particularly if their transformation looks anything like this. Makeup artist Stijma has developed a novel (and scary) makeup routine for turning your lips into a third eye. Check out the video below to see her technique for creating a super simple Halloween costume that will leave friends and strangers alike totally freaked out! Honestly, watching this will make you feel like you’re going a little bit crazy, so imagine how people will respond when you try it!


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