How to Prevent Premature Aging of Your Skin ...

Several things you can do to help your skin

You can't avoid aging altogether
Everybody has to grow older, and that includes visible signs of aging on your skin. It can't be avoided completely, and anyway as they say, it's better than the alternative! But while you can't avoid aging altogether, what you can avoid is aging prematurely. There are several things you can do to help your skin …

1. Don't Smoke

Number one on the list of ways to prevent premature aging of your skin is DON'T SMOKE. I have to shout this out because it's so important. Not only will smoking affect your body on the inside, but it'll mean that you develop lines on your face well before you need to. Smoking isn't cool, so don't even start.

2. Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Of equal importance in avoiding premature aging is protecting your skin from the sun. Always use sun cream, even on cloudy days, and be careful when you're by a window (you can still burn in the office or in a car). Most of what people think is natural aging is actually sun damage or lines caused by smoking, so remember that SPF and cover up! Wear a hat and sunglasses, and stay in the shade as much as possible.

3. Cut down on Sugar

Do you have a sweet tooth and like to indulge in cakes and cookies? Unfortunately you could be aging your skin prematurely. Sugar damages the collagen that keeps your skin smooth. So try to reduce your sugar consumption and watch out for the hidden sugars in anything you eat. Sugar is in some surprising foods, so do read labels carefully, and watch out for sugar under different names such as fructose.

4. Get Enough Sleep & Relaxation

If you're constantly on the go and never taking any time to relax, your skin is going to show the effects. And if you're short on sleep, your skin could be aging faster. The body needs sleep so that it can repair itself, so if you're constantly not getting enough sleep you're going to get more fine lines and other signs of aging.

5. Use Retinol

Anti-aging products can be pretty expensive, and you may think that you don't need them yet. But one ingredient you should be using is Retinol. This is basically Vitamin A, and is a brilliant tool in your anti-aging arsenal. It's in many different skincare products, including some drugstore bargains, so you needn't pay a lot.

6. Eat the Right Diet

Diet also plays its part in avoiding premature skin aging. If you're not feeding your skin properly it will start aging before it need do. Make sure you get enough antioxidants by eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, especially strongly colored ones (which are high in antioxidants). Also keep junk food to a minimum.

7. Moderate Alcohol

An occasional glass of wine won't do you any harm, but drinking can be bad news for your skin. Alcohol dehydrates your skin, and can leave it looking older (people who drink heavily often look much older than their real age). Keep your consumption low, and your skin won't pay the price.


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