Cats Wearing Halloween Costumes And Hating It

Does your cat like Halloween costume?

They are really funny
1. "Go, this costume must."

2. "I am silently plotting your death right now."

3. “I will turn you into a mouse, I swear my tail!”

4. “Even the dog thinks I look stupid.”

5. “Ask me to ‘moo’ one more time and I will scratch your face.”

6. “FML.”

7. “Mommy, are you for realz?”

8. “My soul is puking.”

9. “No, I don’t want to look cute in that panda costume.”

10. “Hate it.”

11. “Still hate it.”

12. “Hate it even more.”

13. “Is this how stupid I look?!”

14. “There, there Mittens, the revenge will be sweet.”

15. “Wait until this little angel scratches your couch.”

16. “The moment they open this window, I’m OUT.”

17. “I don’t feel thug at all…”

18. “I’m not even going to pretend I like this.”


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