Use Lace To Transform Your Makeup For A Spooky Masquerade Look

How to transform your look in minutes flat

Trying something new
For those of us who’re walking into the month of October with little idea of what we’re going to do for a Halloween costume, you’re not alone. But wading through the boring old go-to ensembles can be a real bummer. Why not step up your look this year by trying something new?

This year we’re helping you wade through an ocean of tutorials with some of the best from the beauty experts over at YouTube. Some of our favorites so far this year? YouTube makeup artist Emma Pickles recreated a spunky comic book character or pop art figure with little more than a few tubes of face paint. And Sheling Beauty used her makeup know-how to turn herself into a hyperrealistic tiger.

Below, another YouTube beauty expert Michelle Phan offers a neat way to transform your makeup to into a Masquerade-esque costume that you can wear in lieu of having to go out and spend a ton of money on a pricey costume. (And it’s a good one to keep around for any other masked parties you may attend in the future!)

All you’ll need for this costume are a pair of scissors, lace fabric, and lash glue — Michelle will show you how to transform your look in minutes flat!


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