That’s not a normal briefcase but you would really love it!

The one you should always carry around with you in your car

Just in case
It is not the briefcase you should always have with you at office and of course not the one to keep your papers in, but it is the one you should always carry around with you in your car, you know, just in case.

You will need it if you are traveling to the mountains or if you are traveling to the beach; when you are alone or with friends; when you need to get some rest or whenever a table would be needed. A table? Did anyone talk about a table? Yes, we are talking about an extreme briefcase that hides an extendable table.

The briefcase is large enough to fit 16 cans (330cl) of beers or soft drinks and insulated to keep them cold for up to six hours. It was designed in detail in order to offer the highest satisfaction to the owner. Except for the hidden table, it also hides four cup holders and a card case to have some fun if you are with friends.

It can easily fit in any car once it’s smartly designed to be only 25cm in height when closed and 75cm in height when opened (which is the height of a regular table). Last but not least, it only weights 11kgs when it’s empty and this makes carrying it around even easier.


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