Luna Lantern Brings The Moon Into Your Room

Luna unveils the potential of a space

Bring rich imagination to people
Taiwanese design firm Acorn Studio recently announced Luna, a new lighting system that mimics the color and shape of a moon. Looking at the moon always had some magical effect on people, divine and serene, the moon is like a resting place for our heart.

“Aiming to bring rich imagination to people about their spaces ? living rooms, studios, yards and so on, we want to overcome the limits of conventional decoration. The moon has been a divine and enchanting symbol in human history, and it brings you mystery, delight, relief and romance. Luna unveils the potential of a space.”- Acorn Studio on why they created Luna

With this Luna lantern you could bring the moon into your room and it will illuminate the space around you. The handcrafted Luna lantern is housed inside a glass-fibre housing and is available in 7 different size ranging from 3.2? to 23.6? in diameter.


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