Scary Trash Bag Halloween Decorations

Ideas of how to decorate your home for Halloween

Decorations at lowest cost
If you are still looking for ideas of how to decorate your home for Halloween, here are some creative way of making Halloween decorations at lowest cost by using trash bags. We all have at our homes a lot of trash bags. You can make decorations from black bags and also from white bags. Black bags are for spiders or bats and white bags are for ghosts.

Also you can make black wreaths for your front door. The results are very creepy. Have fun….

Hanging skeleton: dollar tree skull, creepy cloth, black trash bag and plastic spider ring, hot glue and a wire hanger

Corpse: With garbage bags, string, and newspaper, you can make a cheap decoration that looks like a human corpse.

A Circle of Ghosts: White garbage bags, a sharpie, and some posts in the ground are all that is needed to make this circle of ghosts on your front lawn. They’re tied at the bottom together to give it that floating look.

Flying Ghosts: Have these around your yard and when the wind blows you’ll have flying ghosts. All it takes is a small white kitchen garbage bag, a Styrofoam ball, and a coat hanger.

Garland: Use trash bags across your walls and dollar store decor to accent.

Giant Spider: This takes a little more time and effort than the other ones featured here, but having a giant creepy spider in your front yard just might make it worth it.

Bats: With a little electrical tape, wires and garbage bags, you can have these creatures made in no time. I suggest hanging them from your ceiling in poorly lit areas to freak our your guests.

Front Door Curtain Garland: This uses a lot of garbage bags. You’ll need 50 trash bags and some wires and wire cutters. The skeleton detail is optional.

Wreath: Using those orange pumpkin garbage bags, simply cut into strips and tie around a metal coat hanger (that has been stretched into a circle). Use a black garbage bag for the bow.

Figures Dancing Around a Fire
Stuff the “head” of the white garbage bag with newspaper or leaves and use clear packing tape to create. For the fire, use outdoor white Christmas lights. Make sure to tie the arms together.

Trash bag curtains: Cut trash bag as window or door curtains.


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