Feeling Uninspired? Find Inspiration in These Things

Your inspiration gene seems to have flicked to the off position?

Places to look for inspiratio
You know that feeling. You know you have things to do, you know what your goals are but you’re just feeling completely uninspired. Your creative muse seems to have deserted you and your inspiration gene seems to have flicked to the off position. No need to despair ‘cos there are plenty of places to look for inspiration.

1. The Sound of Rainfall

Try turning off all the lights when you are in the bath and listening to a rainfall app on your phone. Try putting a rainfall and/or thunderstorm app on whilst you are trying to get to sleep. It allows your mind to wander, whils at the same time helps to stop you getting bogged down in worries. It works as an inspiration for some people, and other people say the sound of the sea works better. Set a timer on the app if you are running it before you go to bed, or it will run your battery down.

2. Yourself

Think about how fantastic you are. Think about how great you truly are and how your previous successes would have been impossible for most people. Consider the fact that if you were covered in pollen, then you would be the bee’s knees. You are so great that you inspire yourself. There is nobody you admire more.

3. Love

There are some people that are inspired by love, and even though it sounds cheesy, there is a serious side to acting on behalf of love. People that have seen the ones they love suffer, even their pets, have gone to great lengths and have come up with inspirational ideas, and it was all because of love. Some people find inspiration in the pursuit of love, and some people feel love for a person, pet, animal or thing, and find inspiration for the betterment of the person/thing they love.

4. A Famous Painting

There are plenty of people that claim they are inspired by art. Many of them are pretentious, but there is a kernel of truth in it. Opt for a more famous painting and see if you too feel inspired. Art is one of the things that inspire us all at times.


Sometimes the impetus you need comes from a quote. It doesn’t matter if it the utterances of a famous person, an inspirational leader or something you just happened upon when browsing. The point is that the quote speaks to you and makes you want to emulate it or refute it.

6. A Song

It may sound a little cliché, but the truth is that songs can create a wide range of emotions, and we can draw inspiration and motivation from our emotions. If you have to do written tasks, then try to avoid songs with words in because they tend to influence the way you think and the types of inspiration you come up with. The same is partially true if you listen to the soundtracks of movies; you may find your inspirational ideas are linked to the movie associated with the song.

7. Competing with Another Person

You may find inspiration whilst competing with another person. The other person doesn’t even have to know that you are competing. For some reason, competition brings things out in people. For some people it brings out their worst side, in other people it brings out their noble side, and in some people, it acts as a source of inspiration and helps them to think and operate on a higher level than usual.

No matter how demotivated you are feeling, there are ways to kick off that funk. Look for inspiration rather than hope it comes. It’s there; you just have to find out.


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