7 DIY Beauty Tricks You Are Going to Love ...

Beauty tricks are great to have in your arsenal

Look even more fabulous
Sure, you could go see a pro, but there are lots of DIY beauty tricks you can do right at home. They’ll save you money and time, while also helping you look your absolute best any day of the week. DIY Beauty tricks are great to have in your arsenal because they give you a quick way to enhance your looks anytime you want a change or a boost.

Check out these options and get ready to look even more fabulous than you already do.

1. Stock up on Honey

Honey is great for your morning toast or bowl of yogurt, but it also makes one of the top things to keep on hand for your own DIY beauty tricks. Honey as antibacterial properties that make it ideal for using on your skin. Slather it on your face, let it sit there for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water. What you get is smoother, healthier looking skin. What more could you ask for?

2. Make Your Own Lipstick Color

Can’t find the exact shade you want at the store? Take two other ones, combine them in a small container and melt them together for a few seconds in the microwave. Once the mixture hardens, you can slick it on with a brush. It’s so easy to lighten or darken a shade or create a whole new one using this technique.

3. Make Your Skin Shimmer

You don’t have to buy a fancy (or expensive) shimmer lotion to get that glow you crave. You can do it on your own with a kitchen staple that you probably never run out of. Simply mix a bit of olive oil into your traditional body lotion. When you rub it in, you wind up with a nice healthy shine for not a lot of extra money. Nice, right? And the bonus is that olive oil is good for your skin so you get double benefits.

4. Use Coconut Oil in Your Hair

Coconut oil is good for more than homemade salad dressing. It has lots of healthy fats that are good for your strands. When you apply the oil directly to your hair, it infuses each strand with nutrients that help keep it hydrated, soft and smooth so you’ll always love the way your locks look.

5. Whiten Your Own Teeth

You don’t have to spend time at the dentist or shell out big dollars for home whitening kits. Simply mix a bit of baking soda with lemon juice and brush your teeth with the mixture. Do this once a week or so and you’ll start seeing the pearly come out in all your teeth. Easy enough, right?

6. Rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar makes a great rinse for your hair. It helps remove the build up from your hair products, including shampoo, hair spray and gel. It will leave you with clean, shiny hair each time you use it.

7. DIY Pore Strip

There’s something so satisfying about ripping off one of those store bought pore strips and seeing all the grime and icky stuff that you removed from your skin. You don’t have to buy them though. Simply apply a very thin layer of white glue to the area you want to clear. Let it dry, then gently remove it. You’ll get similar results for just a few pennies.


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