The Truth About Modern Culture

Intense Series Of Art Shows

More than just pen and paper
These wonderful pieces of work, created by Luis Quiles, have some of the most powerful messages displayed in a truthful and graphic form. These images mean more than just pen and paper. They shed light on topics people are too naive to admit themselves. Even if it seems a little too “truthful” relating to some of the more “pornographic” images, these masterpieces need to be shown to the general public. To me, this feels as if it’s a wake up call for people. However, I don’t advise viewing these images if you’re easily offended.Some of the artists you see these days have the courage to tackle important social commentaries with their art. Spanish artist Luis Quiles has more than enough summoned courage to create his series of illustrations that displays the relevant and unfortunate reality that is our world today. Quiles challenges a wide range of controversial issues ranging from over-the-counter drug addiction, censorship and corruption to sexism, violence, child abuse, and most pertinent of all, our cultural social-media-crazed obsession.

Again, I’d advise those who are easily offended to look at something different. However, for those who do decide to view these illustrations, anything’s open for interpretation. You can announce your opinion as to what you think these images mean to you!

Force Feeding Of Cheap Food

Pharmacies Turning People Into Zombies, Killing Us Slowly But Surely

The Consequence Of Having An Opinion

Religion’s Way Of Helping The Poor

Female Sexuality Having Dominance Over Hormone-Driven Males

Social Media’s Horrid Notoriety Craze

Innocence Damaged By Unnecessary War

Athletes Are Nothing But Billboards These Days

How We Value Money And How We Will Do Anything For It


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