14 Photos prove Norway is also Stunning from a Kayaker perspective

It’s just one country that should be on you bucket list

Stunning natural beauty of Norway
Norway is our number 1 favourite outdoors destination with it’s breathtaking natural beauty. We’ve featured a couple of articles on Norway already like the 27 Reasons why you must visit Norway in 2015 or 20 Photos that prove Norway is a living fairy tale and this time we show you the captivating beauty of Norway from a different perspective.

Adventure photographer Tomasz Furmanek documents the stunning natural beauty of Norway, all from the seat of his kayak. From the phenomenal Lofoten Islands to the serene Sotra, for the past three years Furmanek has been capturing images of the remarkable fjords and waterways running throughout Norway. The first-person photos were shot using a helmet-mounted GoPro and a small Sony compact camera on the front of his kayak.

“I will probably travel with my kayak for many years. There are a lot of lakes and fjords that I’ve not visited yet. I also plan to go kayaking in other countries as well as Norway.” - Thomasz Furmanek

These photos just prove that Norway is also stunning from a kayaker perspective, or any perspective really.. it’s just one country that should be on you bucket list..

Kayaking in Nærøyfjord , Norway

Kayaking in Trollfjorden during midnight-sun, Lofoten Islands

Kayaking on Styggevatnet Jostedalen Norway

Late evening in Nærøyfjord

Kayaking in Hjørundfjord

Night kayaking during midnightsun in Reinefjorden, Lofoten Islands

Late evening near Milde, Bergen

Nærøyfjord early morning

North of Vega at night, Helgelandskysten, northern Norway

Shallow water near Sotra, Norway

Photographer Tomasz Furmanek exploring Værøy, Lofoten Islands

Midnightsun near Reine, Lofoten Islands

Kjerkfjorden Lofoten in Norway


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