20 Autumn Forests Stunningly Captured by Janek Sedlar

Self-taught photographer specialises in fine art landscape photography

Autumn should be your favourite season of the year, it’s simply surrounding us with breathtaking natural beauty and colors. Photographer Janek Sedlar did understand this and he captured 20 stunning autumn forests just to prove our point. The self-taught photographer specialises in fine art landscape photography with a surreal twist in which he likes to tell a story.

"Seriously I started taking the photographs since 2011. Inspiration I find in daily life, in NATURE, in my feelings and thoughts. I really enjoy the time which I spent outdoor it’s really important part of all process.

It’s the space for me, the time when I am turning into myself. I love that change state of my mind. It’s like a return to childhood :)". - Janek in an Interview with Interesting Photographers

So go out and explore the fall.. and share your awesome pictures with us.. because it’s our favourite season..


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