You Need These 7 Perfumes for Fall ...

Few fab fall perfumes you've just got to try

Stash your light, floral summer scent for something new
It's finally fall! Time to put away the white linen pants and patent leather shoes (does anyone wear those?) and stash your light, floral summer scent for something new. Here are a few fab fall perfumes you've just got to try.

1. TOM FORD Venetian Bergamot

In a word, this perfume smells rich: rich florals, rich woods, rich spices. A spritz of this and you're off to the Italian countryside, just in time for fall colors.

2. Atelier Cologne Oud Saphir Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume

I don't typically like perfumes I can share with my man, but this one is the exception. It really does smell a bit different, depending on who's wearing it - on me, it's elegant and spicy, and what could be better for fall?

3. CLEAN Cashmere

This perfume just smells... warm. It has hints and tones of some of your favorite summer scents, like mimosa and jasmine, but deepened and warmed for fall.

4. Etat Libre D'Orange like This

Inspired by the Sufi poet Rumi and developed in partnership with Tilda Swinton, this lush scent features tones of ginger, pumpkin, and tangerine.

5. Commodity Wool

Could you think of a better inspiration for a fall perfume than your favorite sweater and coziest blanket? I love the vanilla tone, and the darker, more intense feel.

6. BURBERRY Brit Splash

What? There's still a little time to enjoy your favorite summer scent! Here's to an Indian Summer, so you can wear Brit Splash just a little longer.

7. AERIN Amber Musk

Those two words, amber and musk, tell you just how warm and comforting this scent is. I love the convenience of the roller-ball, too, ideal for a little fragrance throughout the day.


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