7 Ways to Love More and Hurt Less in a Relationship

Things shouldn’t be only about one person

Help your love life get better
If you learn how to love more and hurt less in a relationship, you will manage to help your love life get better by the day. When you are in a relationship, try to remember that a couple is about two people being happy together so things shouldn’t be only about one person. It takes two to clap and both of your need to work on your relationship if your want to make that special bond that you two share stronger. Here are 7 ways to love more and hurt less in a relationship:

1. Give up Control

If you try too hard to make your relationship work, you might tend to become too controlling or even too clingy. Try not to be jealous or possessive and try to be less controlling if you want to have a happy and healthy relationship. By being too controlling you will not only be hurting your significant other but, also yourself.

2. Be Mindful

If you want to love more and hurt less when you are in a relationship, then try to be mindful of your partner’s feelings. Just remember that you can’t read anyone’s mind and that your significant other is a separate being with personal thoughts and feelings. Don’t assume that you know what they want just because you know them for a long time.

3. Have an Open Mind

Even though your significant other shares the same goals and outlook on life as you, you shouldn’t expect them to be an exact copy of you. Learn from your differences and respect their opinions. Don’t try to change who they are and accept that they might think differently than you in some situations.

4. Offer Support

You should always support your significant other, no matter what they are trying to do. Just be there by their side and encourage them. Be selfless and show them that you care about their happiness and that you would do everything in your power to always bring a smile on their face.

5. Do or Say Something Nice Daily

No matter how busy you are, try to say something nice to your significant other every day. Don’t neglect them! Show them that you appreciate them and they will do the same for you. Be affectionate, have patience and show your partner how special they are to you by doing something nice for them every day.

6. Make Room for Change

If you want to love more and hurt less, then don’t be afraid of change because as time goes by, we can all change in ways that we never imagined. It’s normal to experience new things because this is a part of the learning process that will turn you into an adult.

7. Share More

Try to communicate freely with your partner and don’t hide things from them if you want to increase the intimacy in your relationship. Share your hopes, dreams, faults and even fears with your significant other and allow them to be there for you. Do the same for them and this will result in an open and honest relationship that will make both of you happy.

Being in relationship is a learning experience so don’t be afraid to fail because failure can be the best teacher you’ll ever have.


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