Quentin Tarantino says there will be two different versions of his next movie, 'The Hateful Eight'

You'll get the chance to see a longer version

Quentin Tarantino's next movie "The Hateful Eight" is already being touted as a movie lover's ultimate experience as it will be shown in lush 70mm photography. But it also sounds like you'll get the chance to see a longer version.

Speaking to Variety, Tarantino divulged that audiences who go to the limited roadshow engagement of the film, which will feature an overture and intermission, will watch a cut of the movie with six extra minutes of material.

"It will be three hours, two minutes," the Oscar-winner told Variety. "The multiplex version is about six minutes shorter, not counting the intermission time, which is about 12 minutes."

Tarantino described the sequence that gets the added six minutes as being "big, long, cool, unblinking takes," in the 70mm version.

The film will be doing its two-week roadshow starting on Christmas Day, will all those theaters showing it in 70mm. Dates/locations have yet to be announced.

It will then play nationwide on all screens starting January 8.

Here's the trailer:


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