Floral Beauty in Perfect Timing

Earth and air depicted in sprinkling sand and falling flowers

Zero Gravity Power
Capturing earthly elements in a single moment of time when they exist in zero gravity is in the essence of the project by the Dutch digital photographer Claire Droppert. Claire started the project with the first two elements – earth and air depicted in sprinkling sand and falling flowers.

Here we present the part of the project dedicated to the remarkable Dutch flowers – tulips, symbolizing the national flower spirit. Cut bulbs fall from above over a vast tulip flower field. Red, yellow and dark violet, almost black tulips, along with white and yellow daffodils, tree blossoms and hyacinths create free forming beauty incorporating the natural spirit of flowers, wind and air.

This is just the start of the gravity series of this imaginative Rotterdam-based digital photographer. We are eagerly awaiting to what comes next. For more of Claire’s creative artwork visit her gallery on Behance.



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