10 Best Tents for 2015 and Beyond

More than just poles and fabric

Tents of Tomorrow
The tent as we know it is about to change. The tents of tomorrow are about more than just poles and fabric, they use inventive concepts to bring a new kind of enjoyment to modern camping. Some tents float in the air, others rest atop a boat, and others are designed to handle mother nature’s most extreme forces. The best tents of 2015 and beyond are wild and exciting, and we’ve compiled the best of each kind of tent into a master list for years to come. Looking for an adventure? Gear up, dear reader.

Best Tents 2015 and Beyond: Heimplanet Mavericks Inflatable Tent

If you’re camping out in your own back yard, chances are you’ll need nothing like this. If your brand of camping is a bit more adventurous, this here is the Rolls-Royce of high-impact tent technology. The Heimplanet Mavericks Inflatable Tent is designed to pitch in a matter of seconds and tolerate winds of up to 100 mph. So if you’re scaling Everest or touring the Antarctic coast, this is the tent for you. It’ll cost you though– $7,000 for a Heimplanet Mavericks of your own. Fortunately, there’s a pretty amazing consumer version by Heimplanet called The Cave, and it’ll only run you about $700+.

Best Tents 2015 and Beyond: Kahuna Outrigger Tent

After a long day of kayaking, this boat can be pulled ashore to form the base of a raised tent. It is the Kahuna Outrigger Tent, a design concept by Mario Weiss and Damian Fankhauser. The Kahuna is a one-person outrigger kayak that is piloted with an oar and a Mirage Drive foot pedal system. The outrigger beams support the base of the tent, providing a hammock-style bed for rest at the end of the day. Now all you need is a pretty place to take this beauty.

Under Cover Camper by Nikolai Sorensen

Tents are often treated like the disposable cameras of our summer experience: purchased, used and discarded. Designer Nikolai Sorensen lamented the state of the tent, so he designed one to be proud of. The Under Cover Camper is designed to carry along from year to year, camping trip to music festival, and enrich the outdoor experience as part of a longer story. It is stylish, comfortable and effective, providing plenty of space for a pair of campers. It certainly won’t join the hundreds of tents left behind at music festivals each summer. This one is a perennial piece of pride.

Best Tents 2015 and Beyond: Cocoon Tree Tent

While this incredible tent is designed to last a little longer than just a weekend, it can be hoisted into the trees just about anywhere you wish. The Cocoon Tree Tent is a raised spherical tent with a circular bed inside. It’s spacious, sturdy and secure, able to last for longer vacations just a few feet off the ground. It’s a bit complicated to set up and prepare, but once it’s all set, you’re good to go for trips lasting much longer than your typical weekender.

Opera Mobile Suite Camper

This pop-up camper is a work of art in its own right. The Opera Mobile Suite Camper is inspired by the design of the Sydney Opera House, recreated here for lovers of modern architecture and luxury camping. On top of its mobile base, the Opera camper features a shapely tent that echoes the roof line of the Sydney Opera House. It’s a remarkable tented camper design, one of the most exquisite ever made, and priced at a pretty staggering $32,000 USD.

Orange Solar Tent

Many of us go camping to escape the wired world. The Orange Solar Tent is designed for those who still need a little power for their devices on the go. This solar tent concept gathers solar energy on its outer cover and can be accessed from a charging point within. If you’re using this to charge up your iPad or mobile gaming system, you might just want to stay at home instead. This is great for a camper who needs a little extra juice for a flashlight, GPS unit or other system that is used to enrich the exploration of the great outdoors.

CristalBubble Inflatable Tent

You’re more likely to see this inflatable tent at an oudoor nightclub than you would in the deep forest. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The CristalBubble Inflatable Tent is a clear bubble that brings the outdoor scenery into the tent for enjoyment when it’s too cold, too hot or too rainy outdoors. I wouldn’t suggest using this in extreme heat though. Unless the interior is conditioned with some sort of cool air source, staying inside one of these is akin to cooking yourself. In total, it’s a great tent concept for design purposes, despite its lack of real utility in the field.

Kamp-Rite Midget Bushtrekka Bicycle Tent Trailer

This lightweight tent cot travels with you wherever your bike can go. The Kamp-Rite Midget Bushtrekka Bicycle Tent Trailer isn’t just a mouthful (let’s condense that name a bit, eh Kamp-Rite?), it’s an awesome tent idea for traveling cyclists. It features a raised tent over a cot with a storage unit below. It all folds down into a compact unit, ready to ride along behind you without adding much drag or weight. It’s a great concept, and it makes me want to head out for a long weekend on quiet roads.

Tentsile Tree Tents

Part hammock, part tent, the Tentsile Tree Tents can be pitched between three trees with surprising ease. We also featured the Cocoon Tree Tent above, but we should point out a pretty important distinction here. The Tentsile Tree Tents are designed to pitch quickly and securely, great for weekend camping. They can be removed as quickly as they are put up. While the Cocoon Tree Tent is not a replacement for a typical tent, the Tentsile version certainly is. It can be pitched just about anywhere that there are multiple trees or posts to secure it to. It provides a breezy, relaxing view of the nature around it, and it keeps its occupants a safe distance from the ground.

In my opinion, this is one of the most remarkable tents to come out in recent years, and it could pave way for more floating tents of tomorrow.


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