LIGHT L16: The world’s first 16 Cameras in One pocketsize Camera

Up to 10 of these cameras fire at once

Way to put 16 cameras in one
Starting as a new Silicon Valley startup that focusses on the holy grail of photography, LIGHT produces cameras the size of a smartphone, that take 52-megapixel DSLR quality pictures.It zooms optically between 35 and 150mm, shoots great images in low light, and lets you select focus and depth of field after you shoot.

Traditional photographers might say that it’s too much one camera can handle but the people at LIGHT found a way to put 16 cameras in one.

The Light camera squeezes in 16 tiny smartphone-type cameras, each with its own inexpensive small lens at focal lengths between 35 and 150 mm.

When you take a shot, up to 10 of these cameras fire at once, focusing on different points and taking different exposure levels.

Pricing is set at US$1,699 – or $1,299 if you pre-order now with a $199 deposit – and delivery is promised for late US summer 2016.

Light L16 Camera from light on Vimeo.


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