Innovative Alarm Clock Which Wake You Up Freshly Brewed Coffee

Coffee-making alarm clock

It is time to unwind and relax
Mornings just got a little easier with this coffee-making alarm clock, the Barisieur, by British industrial designer Joshua Renouf. When it’s time, the multi-functioning machine begins brewing a fresh cup of coffee right by your bedside. Before actually leaving the cozy comfort of your covers, a steaming hot cup of Joe is ready and waiting to get your morning going in the right direction.The Barisieur eases the wake-up process by replacing a high-pitched buzzer with the brewing motions of steel ball bearings and boiling water followed by the delicious aroma of a fresh cup of coffee. To set it up, users simply fill the milk container, sugar, and coffee grounds the night before. In addition to helping users wake in the morning, Renouf suggests that this process also aids in settling people in for a good night’s rest.

The designer states, “[Preparing the Barisieur each night] encourages a ritual before going to sleep, signaling to the body and mind that it is time to unwind and relax.”


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