Signs You're Stuck in a Beauty Rut ...

Women of any age can get in a beauty rut

This can leave you looking very dated
One very common beauty mistake that women make as they get older is to stick to the same makeup without ever changing. And women of any age can get in a beauty rut, where they put on the same look every single day. This can leave you looking very dated and as if you're just following what the magazines told you to do. So here are the signs that you could be stuck in a beauty rut …

1. You Always Buy the Exact Same Products

Your mascara's running out, so you buy the same one, or you need a new lipstick, but buy the exact same shade you always buy. While sticking to what you know works for you can be wise, if you never pick up a new shade or product you could be stuck in a rut. To keep your makeup looking fresh, you need to mix it up once in a while!

2. You're Still Using the Same Makeup & Skincare as You Did Decades Ago

Your face and skin change as you get older, and therefore so should your makeup. What looked flattering when you were 20 may not look as good as you head into your 30s. Your skin also changes according to factors like the seasons and your diet, so your makeup needs to be adjusted accordingly.

3. You Never, Ever Experiment

I like to stick to a simple look that works for me, but I also try out a new product sometimes. It could be something as simple as a new eyeliner pencil or a lip gloss, because makeup needs a little variety from time to time. Besides, experimenting with makeup is part of the fun!

4. You Haven't Adjusted to Changes

Changes in our lifestyle or working life can mean that we need to change our makeup accordingly. Are you still applying a full face of makeup even though you're a stay-at-home mom? Or do you need a professional look, but only know how to put on a little mascara and lip gloss? If you haven't adjusted your makeup to your new situation, you could be stuck in that rut …

5. Your Makeup Doesn't Look Right on You Any More

If your makeup just doesn't look right on you any more, it could be time for a change. The heavy black eyeliner that looked cool when you were going through your grunge phase may not look quite so good now. Or maybe your fondness for bronzer looks fine in summer but not right on pale winter skin.

6. You Ask for the Same Cut Every Time, without Fail

Okay, I'm putting my hands up to this one. I've gone back to the same short bob with bangs, time and time again. It's the same cut I had when I was two years old! And yes, it looks ok - but it's pretty boring. Varying your hairstyle makes you feel and look more fashionable; even if you have the same basic cut, try to tweak it a little.

7. You've Colored Your Hair the Exact Same Shade for Years

Do you always, always, always reach for the same box of hair dye when you need to color your hair? Don't you ever feel the need for a change? If you've colored your hair the exact same shade for years, you're in danger of falling into a hair rut; sometimes it's good to have a change!

So if you're in a beauty rut, get yourself some different products and freshen up your look!


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