Powerful Design with Important Messages

Combined with the the perfect copy to deliver a powerful message

Ad that makes a powerful statement
Advertisements can be annoying and repetitive. However, sometimes you see an ad that makes a powerful statement. Designed by creative thinkers who have taken serious subject matter and found the perfect balance of visual irony and combined it with the the perfect copy to deliver a powerful message.

The following advertisements do that and more. They make you stop, think and consider. Some are shocking, making you take a second look, others make you consider situations you’ve never thought of before. All are successful and definitely creative.


Be a Hero

Takes a Life Every 25 Seconds

Have some awareness

Hunger is Real

Let’s Create a Dialogue About Peace

Don’t have one more beer …

Appearances can be deceiving

Practice Patience



You are what you eat

One click could change your future

Bullets Leave Bigger Holes Than You Think


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