Garden Igloo is embraced through all seasons

Excellent airflow and ventilation with adjustable windows

Little over $1000
Do you ever go outside but wish the weather conditions were a little more consumer friendly? Or when you are working on something indoors only to get a gleam of sunlight from the window and feel fresh air envious? Well the makers of Garden Igloo definitely had you in mind creating their 12 feet wide multipurpose dome. No wait, before you start. I know what your thinking, “that’s just a clear tent.” I assure you it is NOT just a clear tent. The tagline for Garden Igloo is “Possibilities are only limited with your imagination” making you feel inadequate for doubting the interminable dome at all (which I think is the point).

The Garden Igloo creates is a minimalist space for you to curate an area of your liking. Clear is key here as it comes with a plastic transparent canopy opening up the space to the outdoors around you. While lighting can be perfect for plants and reading a book, they have also optioned off a canopy cover to shield you from the sun when you just can’t be bothered. Installation videos display pretty straight forward setup with no need for any tools. All materials are advertised of the highest quality, non-corrosive and 100% recyclable. The spheric shape has some pretty interesting benefits as well; promoting excellent airflow and ventilation with adjustable windows through the entry way. The geometric dome is also ideal for maintaining a uniform temperature and prevailing wind-resistance.

While planting, storage and leisurely activities seem like most obvious uses, they challenge you to be creative with the space making the most of being outside. Pricing for the Garden Igloo starts a little over $1000, with canopy cover as an optional add on.


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