Look for These Superfoods in Your Skincare ...

Skincare companies are infusing their products with these foods

Give your entire body a double boost of benefits
You know that eating superfoods is great for your health because they are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that support good overall health. So it makes total sense that skincare companies are infusing their products with these foods. Using them on your body can help pump your skin full of nutrients that keep collagen and elastin at peak levels, fight the signs of aging and ward off skin cancer. Keep your eyes open for products that contain these superfoods and you can give your entire body a double boost of benefits. Perfect!

1. Kakadu Plum

This isn’t just your average purple plum. Instead, it’s a fruit that is absolutely packed with vitamin C. Some experts say this variety of plum contains more than an orange. Vitamin C helps fight free radicals, which helps prevent skin cancer, wrinkles and fine lines. Look for Kakadu plum in body lotion so that you can reap the rewards all over your body.

2. Cucumbers

If you’ve ever used cucumber slices on your eyes, you know how awesome they can be for your skin. Turns out skincare experts are jumping on the bandwagon and putting cucumber in their products. The ingredient is soothing and has astringent properties that help keep your skin clean and healthy. It’s available in eye masks and facial creams. Give it a try – you’ll love it.

3. Blue-Green Marine Algae

Don’t worry – it doesn’t smell bad. This type of algae is chock full of antioxidants as well as proteins and other plant compounds that are beneficial to your skin. It’s also super hydrating so it can help combat dryness and leave you with youthful, radiant skin. Look for blue-green algae in masks and creams. You’re going to love it!

4. Grapefruit

You know how refreshing the scent of grapefruit is, so it makes sense that it can be great for waking up your skin. It’s loaded with vitamin C, but it’s also an exfoliant, which helps get rid of dead skin cells and other junk on your skin that can clog pore and lead to breakouts. If you want to revive your skin, look for a great body scrub infused with grapefruit.

5. Honey

Honey is a food that has an extraordinary amount of antioxidants, so you can bet it’s great for your skin. In addition, honey has cleansing, soothing and healing properties that make it great for curing whatever skin malady that ails you. Body washes and facial cleansers that contain honey are ideal choices.

6. Clary Sage

This is an herb that is used in many medicinal treatments. For good reason too since it is known to be hydrating. That means that anytime you use it, you pump your skin full of the moisture it needs to stay looking healthy and young. Clary sage is easy to use and will give you the benefits you really want to see. Choose face waters that contain clary sage and you’re all set.

7. Arctic Cloudberry

Never heard of this one? You aren’t the only one. Arctic cloudberry is grown in very cold environments and is loaded with antioxidants. They work to pump your skin full of fatty acids and other nutrients that make it healthy and glowing with just a few applications. Your best bet when it comes to using artic cloudberry is to find facial cleansers that contain it.


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