7 Things for Sentimental Girls to Remember about Their First Love

It will always be different to how you feel about the others to come

How you felt about them
There are certain things you should always remember about your first love, because how you felt about them will always be different to how you feel about the others to come.

What do you remember about your first love?


He made you feel alive and wonderful, like you had a purpose in life and that was to be with him and fight for what had together because it was worth it at the end of day.

He made you feel like you two shared something together which no one could ever attempt to understand or be a part of. He made you feel like it wouldn't be wrong to picture a future with him...five years from now or even ten years from now. You felt that you had found someone who could potentially be in your life for a long time yet to come.


He looked at you like he really noticed you and everything about you. He looked at you like he could see right into your soul and it was almost as though he knew what you were thinking at any given time. He looked at you like you were special and unique, like you were the only person in the room and you were the only one he would ever have eyes for. He looked at you like you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.


He spoke to you in a different way to everyone else, almost like he saw you in a completely new way to anyone who had ever looked at you. He told you private, secret things which you knew he wouldn't share with just anyone. He chose to share them with you because he trusted you, felt it was safe and knew that you would keep them. He spoke to you about important matters in his life, his past and his future. He was honest and truthful in every sense, always wanting you to know exactly how he felt about anything and everything. He understood the importance of clear communication and was able to have those tough discussions which arise in every relationship.


In a metaphorical sense, he touched your heart as you did with his, so much so that it will withstand any amount of time and distance. He touched you so deeply that he will always be the one that you remember and can't forget about, no matter how much you try to block him out.

He will always have a presence in your life, such as being in the back of your mind, much like a song you can't get out of your head. He set the bar high for those to come and he's the person who you will automatically and subconsciously compare other boyfriends and relationships with.

He made an impact on you as a person, your life and your perspective of other people and the world around you. He changed you in ways you never thought was possible and helped you grow to become a better person...the person you are today. You'll always have the memories of the times you two shared together, enjoying each other's company, love and attention.

You remember the way he kissed you with passion, no matter who was around, the way he wrapped his arms around you so affectionately, the way you held hands and entwined them together so that you become attached and inseparable.
You remember how warm and safe he felt when he was close.


You saw him as The Special One who you could completely trust and fall back on, even when there was no one else. You could always rely on when push came to shove. His presence in your life made you realise all those amazing qualities about yourself that you may not have known existed until now. You realised how much you can offer someone who you care so deeply about.


You felt and believed he was worthy of your heart, love, loyalty, affection, support, positive energy and so much more. You felt there was something important to fight for, because love gave you that strong and infinite feeling of hope, faith and positivity. You felt he was worth keeping throughout the good times and the bad, someone to have a significant presence in your life. Your feelings for him were very real, regardless of how little or much time you had spent together.


You wanted more time together, more opportunities to be close and intimate, more time to have him in your life and keep him close by when you needed him.

You wanted to call him your own.

You wanted to be together so long to prove that your relationship could withstand each and every battle, maybe even the test of time.

You were ready to fight every obstacle that stood in your path.

You wanted to have a successful relationship that would keep progressing naturally and excel great lengths and heights, never to dwindle, fail and end.


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