19 Faces Everyone Makes When They Have A Cold

What does it feel like to breathe out of your nose?

Find yourself among the pics
1. When swallowing your own saliva feels like a punishment.

Definitely dying.

2. When you think about all the times you took nose-breathing for granted.

Those were the good days.

3. When your cough makes a gurgling noise.

4. When you only have the gross sore throat drops.

Honey menthol is not a flavor.

5. When you cough and sneeze at the same time.

Death is surely on its way.

6. When you slept all day and don’t know if it’s 7 a.m. or 7 p.m.

Also, what month is it?

7. When you take the good cold medicine that you have to sign for.

8. When you’ve blown your nose literally 23 times in an hour.

9. When you try to call your boss to tell them you’re sick.

“I may be in tomorrow or a week from now.”

10. When the medicine wears off an hour before you can take more.

11. When you forget the last time you took cold medicine.


12. When your head feels like this.

13. When you’re freezing and sweating and enraged all at the same time.

Please turn the heat both up and down.

14. When you try to walk more than 10 feet.

15. When your snot is not the color you expected it to be.

16. When your friend texts you with really fun plans.

Oh, there’s a 3-for-1 margarita happy hour going on? OF COURSE THERE IS.

17. When you try to rally and make yourself presentable but you’re still sick AF.

18. When you remember that you’re an adult who has to make their own soup and doctor’s appointments.

Life isn’t fair.

19. When you run out of tissues.

Curls into a ball and cries*


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